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The mammalian reflex (El reflejo del mamífero)

Maria-Teresa Solomons

World-class Freediving Coach

Maria Teresa, ‘MT’ Solomons has dedicated her life to Freediving for almost half a century. She has been instructing both beginner and high-performance freedivers for more than 22 years, since before it was considered a world-class competitive sport and has contributed to the development of its educational programs and its progression as an evolving body-mind science.


She first discovered the depth’ vortex’ in 1996, when she watched Aharon Solomons, her soon to be partner, disappear below 50m in the lucid blue waters of Crete. Shortly after they joined forces and began to develop their own unique style of teaching. During those formative years, she was also taught by freediving’s historic icons, Umberto Pelizzari, Francisco, ‘Pipin’ Ferreras, Audrey Mestre, and Tanya Streeter, and has assisted with and competed in several world championships alongside the freediving heroes of today.


She lives most of the year in la Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico but travels and coaches worldwide. 


Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love


                                                                                               ~ Rumi~


Private Coaching 

Guidance & Inspiration

This is the story of a rope descending into the blue, an exploration of the natural intelligence of the breath and the combination of both as part of a harmonious transformation of your relationship with yourself and the aquatic environment you have chosen to move in. 

My role is to help guide you to achieve certain freedom from self-imposed limitations or blockages through encouraging you to observe yourself, assimilate your experience and make the changes you need to progress towards the goals you set in the way you feel most comfortable.



"Getting to meet You"

By interviewing ‘You’ personally about what your motivation and goals are in freediving before you arrive, Maria Teresa gets to understand you a little better to help orient you to the course or specific training that would best benefit you, and to be able to work with you more keenly on the sensibility of what being underwater and breath-holding is and can be for You. 


Ocean Journeys

"Protect what you love"

The Ocean Journeys we aspire to create for you, are provocative, often introducing you to the wilder side of Nature. They are about giving you that new set of eyes. We hope that by choosing to spend time on the water with us, freediving, diving, or experiencing the sea in any one of many ways, we will have helped you delve just for a while into what you by nature already have, but have perhaps left forgotten, deep in your soul.


+52 1 612 157 2004

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