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AIDA 1 Introduction to Freediving

This is a fun day introduction to the basic freediving skills designed to provide the most practical tools necessary to enjoy freediving safely and increase your confidence underwater.

You will become familiar with how to breathe correctly before you freedive and for surface recovery, the importance of relaxation for improving your breath-hold and understanding the differences in different equalization techniques, which ones work and which doesn’t, and will play with the challenges of the duck dive, finning, and buddy and safety techniques.


Duration: 1.5 days 

Comfortable progress to 12m ​


Individual course price: $ 280.00 USD


2 - 4 students: $180.00 USD per person


Certification fee: included

Boat Fees not included

AIDA 2 Beginner

This is a challenging and rewarding course designed for students who already have learned the basic freediving skills or who are generally more confident and relaxed in the water. 


The main objective of this level freediving is to learn how to recognize and respect the unfamiliar sensations of what this deeper pressure environment can create in us and develop a set of mental skills that will allow us to begin to approach the anticipation of depth with humor.


Duration: 3 days 


Comfortable progress to 20m 


Individual course price: $ 650.00 USD


2 - 4 students: $460.00 USD per person.


Certification fee: included


Boat Fees not included

AIDA 3 Intermediate


Take your training to another level and continue your journey into the deeper blue, improve your confidence, performance, and deep safety and rescue skills and learn how to exploit the power of relaxation to enjoy longer, deeper dives.


We operate with the axiom, “Project the game ahead of you, 3 seconds at a time!” The purpose of this focus is to introduce you to a simple and functional training concept to help you structure your freedive and help entertain your mind moment by moment beginning with a sequence of ‘building blocks’ for the first part of the descent and culminating in the use of the free-fall’ or ‘sink phase’. These two techniques trained to proficiency will provide you with the groundwork for the depth of your choice, and establish in you at a cellular level that energy efficiency is the key to that depth. 


The course also teaches you the principles of specific and non-specific training, CO2 & O2 tables and the importance of stress management for the mammalian dive reflex to assist your freediving.


Duration: 3 days 


Comfortable progress to 28m


Individual course price: $ 690.00 USD


2 - 4 students: $490.00 USD per person.


Certification fee: included


Boat Fees not included

AIDA 4 Advanced


This course is the most complex and intense of the recreational level AIDA courses and is the beginning of the mind-game in freediving. By taking this course you would have accepted the challenge to ‘dive into yourself'.


By this stage, you will have understood that the principles of structure and precise mechanical skills are the foundation of freediving and as a natural progression from that, the beautiful concept of ‘letting go’, where the freediver slips back into the sensory intelligence of movement awareness in a fluid space.


Further developed in this course are the more highly skilled equalisation strategies of  ‘mouth-fill’, Residual Volume, ‘RV’, lung dives, and Variable Weights for inurement to pressure at depth; and continued familiarization of the ‘free-fall or ‘sink phase’ as an essential ingredient for energy efficiency, as well as a discussion of diet and nutrition for freediving. 



Duration: 5 days


Comfortable progress to 40m 


Individual course price: $ 999.00 USD


2 - 4 students: $780.00 USD per person.


Certification fee: included


Boat Fees not included

AIDA Instructor Assistant ‘STAGE’ 


As a result of the high performance levels required to become an instructor we recommend that after completing the Advanced level training a freediver aspiring to teach works as a ‘stage’ to attain the necessary proficiency, not solely to prepare for the deep dive but to learn to become a keen observer and increase their personal knowledge of freediving. 

Instructor Assistant Stage course duration is based on a sufficient level of personal development.

Email us for training opportunities and prices.

AIDA Instructor Course Intensive, ‘IT’

When an aspiring instructor is ready, the objective of the Instructor intensive course is to guarantee them in the days available the required minimum level of personal performance, to familiarise each instructor with all the AIDA/PADI courses and procedures and promote an understanding of the ethics of instruction.



Duration: 9-12 days and 40 hours of learning


Req. Depth: 50m 


Individual course price: $ 2,200.00 USD


2 - 4 students: $1,600.00 USD per person.


Certification fee: included


Boat Fees not included

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