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Private Coaching 

Guidance & Inspiration

This is the story of a rope descending into the blue, an exploration of the natural intelligence of the breath and the combination of both as part of a harmonious transformation of your relationship with yourself and the aquatic environment you have chosen to move in. 

My role is to help guide you to achieve certain freedom from self-imposed limitations or blockages through encouraging you to observe yourself, assimilate your experience and make the changes you need to progress towards the goals you set in the way you feel most comfortable.



"Getting to meet You"

By interviewing ‘You’ personally about what your motivation and goals are in freediving before you arrive, Maria Teresa gets to understand you a little better to help orient you to the course or specific training that would best benefit you, and to be able to work with you more keenly on the sensibility of what being underwater and breath-holding is and can be for You. 


Ocean Adventures

"Protect what you love"

As a freediver the breathing, relaxation and breath-hold skills you dominate already help you be more at ease and in tune with the environment around you. If you are passionate about wildlife or a keen underwater photographer and are a more than competent freediver then the opportunities we can create for you here are unique.

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