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Private Coaching and Training


‘Inspired by You’




This is the story of a rope descending into the blue, an exploration of the natural intelligence of the breath and the combination of both as part of a harmonious transformation of your relationship with yourself and the aquatic environment you have chosen to move in. 

Students approach me, mostly by word of mouth, and choose to be taught as individuals, because of the quality of what and how I teach, for my keen observation and movement awareness skills and a unique ability to analyze the areas that need improvement to communicate and refine what I see into a fast and remarkable transformation in them.


My role as an instructor is to help guide you to achieve certain freedom from your own self-imposed limitations or blockages through encouraging you to observe yourself, assimilate your experience and make the changes you need to progress towards the goals you set in the way you feel most comfortable.


In the case of you deciding to organize a personal coaching session with me, I normally begin with a casual interview by email or SKYPE to assess what your overall goals are and to discuss the more specific problem or development areas you think you have or want to pursue. From that point we have a platform to launch from that starts from a time frame that best suits you, and leads along a line of progression far freer in its construction and development than any formal course structure would allow. The focus for each personalized training session is on isolating the techniques most beneficial to you, and on developing them according to your needs and according to your ability and progress.  


If you are looking for an even more intensified experience than would normally be the case as a member of one of my small elite groups, then personal coaching is the best option for you.


Prices per session or group of sessions are based on your level of experience and the length of your stay, starting at $100USD a session 









When you decide to commit to a specific training program our first conversations will concern your time frame and objectives and how to resolve them.



You might choose to spend several months prior to arriving on non-specific and mixed training or a few weeks on specific training and choose to organize that around weekly Skype calls. We would begin by looking at your general physical training base and once having defined your potential problem or power areas would gradually complement that with the introduction of breath-hold elements. Therefore, whether technical, practical or psychological we can begin to deal with whatever arises from the earliest phases of your training before the immediate stress of a pending challenge develops to the last when your adventure to the sea begins. 


Single private class: $85USD

Group of 4 training sessions per month: $200USD



I work regularly with local freedivers who are taking courses or who want to reinforce their training with regular weekly sessions, or with scheduled groups and courses, and organize specific level technique and depth sessions for both based on their needs. From before you arrive for your first training session we would have discussed where you would best be suited and on arrival, you will have the opportunity to meet the group you will be joining to head out for line training or fun freediving. 

If at any time, you decide that you would like to dedicate more to the training we are always open to trying to accommodate you and will do our best to amend the schedule.


Single group session: $120USD per person 

Group of 4 sessions: $200USD per person

Email us directly for training opportunities.  

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