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Maria Teresa, fascinated by the Dao concept of ‘WuWei’, the cultivation of an effortless state of being has continued to explore and integrate the understanding of ease and awareness in movement into her personal freediving practice and into her approach to teaching, that-without even trying—we are able to respond perfectly to whatever situations arise in our search for mastery, at whatever level.


She chose the Zen ‘ENSO’ symbol as her logo because, in its traditional sense, it depicts the continual fulfilling of human potential and at the same time, the perfection of that state in any single moment. It expresses Self-discipline, Self-observation, ‘Surrender’, and the idea of ‘No-Self’ and in the realm of Ocean, she shows you a way to become more aware of that mystery. The freedive journey is a deep retreat in pursuit of an inner world beyond just the physical and is experienced by learning how to develop a stronger connection with the senses and a closer language with a time and space dimension we long forgot.


Freediving, for her, is a kind of ‘Vision Quest’ where, rather than wandering into the desert without food or water for several days, it is an exploration of the silence between two worlds, a momentary immersion into the ocean beyond the breath, in the solitude of a few brief minutes. It is a rite of passage which opens to us the potential of seeing into the deeper nature of our fears and hopes with the possibility of respecting them in order to grow on from them.

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