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‘Getting to Meet You’

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By interviewing ‘You’ personally about what your motivation and goals are in freediving before you arrive, I first get to understand you a little better to help orient you to the course or specific training that would best benefit you, to be able to work with you more keenly on the sensibility of what being underwater and breath-holding is and can be for You. 

Once we establish this verbal connection I have a base to build on. If I feel, as a result of the conversation, there is a way to help benefit you or potentially boost your progress for the course or training you decide to take with distance learning or a set of skills to practice in the weeks or days before you arrive, then we have a chance to create that too. 

On your arrival, there is an open invitation to visit me at home to finally meet in person. This is an opportunity to talk about the things you feel are most important to you in your interest in apnea and its practice and whether about the dreams you want to achieve or the problems that are occurring it is the face to face exploration of ideas that will become my guidelines to determining how to encourage the best from you in your freediving, whether as part of a course or within your training.

...and perhaps, by the time you arrive home, you will have taken something of this meeting, this place and your presence in this blue space, with you.

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