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SKYPE/ MESSENGER/ Classroom and pool-based sessions

Beginner Level Check

Did anyone ever explain to you the different ways there are to equalize or analyze which technique you are using when you do so and, more importantly, whether what you are doing was going to be effective or not in your freediving BEFORE you even got in the water? Most courses and new instructors, in particular, avoid the question or ignore it. They fall on unfamiliar ground when trying to identify the problem or lack the experience to be able to teach the correct technique and making the necessary corrections are time-consuming and often requires endless patience, and it may not be solved in a day.


If you intend to attend a freediving course anywhere I would advise you ask your instructor to check with you. You might not know what you are doing or paid any attention to it before even as a SCUBA diver because everything seems to work but an equalization technique using the usually more predominant Valsalva will absolutely ground YOU to 7m or 8m or less in freediving, and most likely will not be cured once you are already in the water under the added stress of trying and failing.


From my first point of contact with you, I will run you through a simple equalization exercise and give you the necessary feedback and follow up from there. If you do need correcting I offer up to hour-long coaching sessions by SKYPE or Messenger that will hopefully resolve the issue or give you the tools to practice before your arrival or on arrival as a precursor to beginning your freediving course. 



SKYPE Coaching / Private Class : $85.00USD per session



Advanced Level


Mouth-fill, Nose Clip and RV Training

If your issues concern problem solving for inurement to pressure at depth and setting your contact me for personal advanced coaching sessions in the pool or on the line.


Personal Advanced Line Coaching: $ 120.00USD per session

(boat fees included)

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