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Ocean Journeys

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"Protect what you love"

In and on the water:  The Ocean as Medicine 


Our mind wanders most of the time, and perhaps for only short periods, we have clarity. Neurological studies on the brain have revealed that in our typically cluttered environment, whether mental or physical, we live in distraction, which creates greater stress for ourselves and it becomes more difficult to process information. Not only that but for a lot of that time we are the cause of that clutter.


When we immerse ourselves however in a fully sensory-rich surrounding like the Ocean and pay attention to how it affects us ‘something’ happens, and whether as a flash of insight or creativity, or just in becoming quietly calm, we would have experienced a moment of pure connection which can be so profound it might impact us for a lifetime.



     “The real voyage of discovery consists not so much in seeking new territories, but in seeing with new eyes”,




The Ocean Journeys we aspire to create for you, are provocative, often introducing you to the wilder side of Nature. They are about giving you that new set of eyes. We hope that by choosing to spend time on the water with us, freediving, diving, or experiencing the sea in any one of many ways, we will have helped you delve just for a while into what you by nature already have, but have perhaps left forgotten, deep in your soul.

~Marcel Proust~

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